On this episode of The Messengers Of Theta Akuji was hurted very well, but for Raiden it was just like he didn't got a scratch! While Alishya was flowed away, she met a new fighter to fight with, while Raiden still used the Blade of God on Akuji he was knocked out, Wanna find out what happends next? Read it now

A New FormEdit

Raiden: Your weak just like Polémos said.

Akuji: I'm not weak...i'm not.....

Raiden: You are, and i will kill you, and your friends

Akuji: You can't do this

To Alishya

Alishya: *Flowed away* *Spits blood* Darn it.

Zeref: Are you still gonna fight?

Alishya: I will fight untill I die!

Zeref: Let's see what we have!

Alishya: Metatrix Beast Blade! Tornado Beast Eater!

Zeref: Skill Eater! Now die

Alishya: What NOOOOOO!!!!!

Alishya: This will maybe knock me out but i have to stop him! Explosive Blast!

Zeref: What is this!

Alishya: *Screams* Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Zeref: She is sacrificing her self!

They both died