Vital statistics
Name Rinku
Dub Name Lin
Gender Male
Class Wizard
Eye Color Blue
Health Healthy
Level 13 (Currently)
Status Alive
weapon Zekron Crystal Sea Staff
signature ability Crystal Wave
You're freezing soul is my breezing desire


Rinku Is the Wizard of Harmony Palace.He is the top wizard there as well.



Rinku has blond short spiky hair.He has blue eyes,some say its so blue and pure it looks like the color of a pure and calm sea.he has pale skin.He has quiet a femenine appearance as many say he looks like a girl.

Rinku's casual clothes are a chinese green top with red markings.he wears blue jeans and brown shoes.

Rinku's Battle gear consit a dark blue wizard hat with a gold ribbon tied with it,he wears a black robe with brown shoes,he has a gold belt to keep his staff.


Rinku is usualy calm,stragetic and very quiet.he studys many spell's and is very smart.He is usualy hard to rise his temper as he is very calm and dosent ofently panick.Although,when angry,he destroys everything in his path with his mighty spell's and powers.


Rinku is and overall fighter but he normaly chooses spells and powers.

  • Levitation

Rinku can levitate objects with his hands and throws it at his enemies.A very usefull skill when low on energy or skill's as this power can be activated/used anytime.


  • Crystal Wave
  • Ice Shield
  • Crystal Barrier
  • Freezing Soul Seal
  • Snow Dust
  • Frozen Taundra
  • Snow Dust
  • Snowy Mist
  • Wind Heal
  • Breezing Control

Weapon of choiceEdit

  • Zekron Crystal Sea Staff:This staff was given to him by His father,Osolous.Its his main weapon and he usualy fights with it.


  • This character Was Made By Me.
  • He Is My First Wizard Character,YAY!
  • He Is also My Strongest Character.
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Trivia And SignatureEdit

  • He Is A S-Class Wizard.
  • His Element Is Wind And Ice.
  • He Is Somewhat Of An Anti-Hero,As He Kills Anyone Yet Does Justice.
  • Many People Say he Is Femenine Due to His Appearance And Way Of Calmness.

SIGNATURE: Im A Weirdo With a Big Heart.Have A Heart And Have A Good One!