Kaleila is a village that is known for it's brave warriors and famous legends.


Wall of hereosEdit

The wall of hereos is a historic wall that is placed in the center of the village. It is known that everytime a hereo dies his name would be written on this wall to keep it in history. Many rumors have been told about the wall that it is haunted and that each time a new name is written the next night a ghost would appear.

The ForestEdit

The forest is the forest located beside the village and the one that people use to get all kinds of seeds and food. It is known that some people live there and that animals usually roams around it. The goddess of this forest can be seen every night standing on the river chanting with blue orbs surrounding her.

The MarketEdit

The market is like any other markets. It contains alot of shops that villagers love to got to weither it is for having fun or shopping for food and supplies. Each year a huge festival happens in the middle of the market and all kinds of fireworks are shot in the sky.
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