Hiro drawing
Hiro in her casual/battle wear
Vital statistics
Name Hiro
Dub Name Hero
Gender Female
Class {{{class}}}
Eye Color Purple
Health Healthy
Level Lvl 12 (Current)
Status Alive
weapon Lunar Fan or Flame Sword
signature ability Lunar Slice

Hiro (Dub: Hero) is a supporting female protagonist in the fanmade anime 'Hatred against a legend'. She was made by me, Kotoni~x


She has long 'bee hive' dark brown hair. She also has purple eyes and tanned skin.

Her casual wear is a pink and blue jacket with a black and white vest top under it with scruffy jeans and pink and blue high tops.


She is a kind and helpful person but can be cold and harsh when she wants to be. She is a mage/warrior which means she can cast spells and fight phisicaly at the same time. She shows no mercy when it comes to defeating a enemy. She is 14 years old

It is unknown why she is called by Hiro.


She is an all-rounder at everything but is best at energy combat.

Hand-To-Hand combatEdit

  • Giga-Slash (Hands)
  • Flame Thrower (Legs)

Energy CombatEdit

  • Lunar Slice (Hands)
  • Bang Boom Kaboom (Hands)
  • Solar Moon (Hands)
  • Wizards Ward (Hands)

Weapon of ChoiceEdit

  • Lunar Fan

One slice from that fan could be critical, is one of the rarest fans made. It has a sparkly design, Mostly used for flying enemys

  • Flame Sword

Has the soul of a burning inferno. Girls usaly wouldnt weild this weapon becuase it can cause lots of damage for the enemy as well as the user themself if they do not weild it properly.


  • She is the only Mage/Warrior the weild a Fan.
  • She did have a family, it is unknown what happened to them though,
  • This is revealed in Better Think Twice....

Notes and SignatureEdit

  • Yo guys! My first chara on here! Woop!
  • Please dont steal any of this! It took ages!
  • Yes, Most of the idea's i got were based on Dragon Quest.....
  • Feel free to use this character but ASK first!

Kotoni~x (talk) 17:09, July 17, 2012 (UTC)