This is the Final Finisher (Astral Finisher) for Frea Drowsie.


This attack requires Frea to have about 10 or more PP in a profession & have 100% in the Finisher gauge (temporaily name).

This attack's activation sequence goes like this: Frea reverts to his normal form & stretch out his right arm, having the vines on the arm to grab the opponent. If so,the opponent will be bind by vines as the Grimoire of Dreams appeared in its book/true form above the opponent & teleports him/her to another dimension.

The opponent will then ended up in a dark dimension with a gigantic magic circle at the background. He/She will be seen binded with thousand magic chains from the magic cricle at the background. Then, Frea will came walking out of nowhere; dressed like an aristrocart with a cape & a new hairstyle (merged with Grimoire of Dreams). Frea then will said some words then snaps his fingers, causing the scene to shattered like glasses. This indicates his opponent's mind have shattered & that released an explosion of purplish dream energy.

Then back at reality, the opponent will be seen lying on the ground, comatose as he/she fading away into rainbow sparkles. Frea will not be in this scene.


"Time for the ending!"- normal activation sequence.

"Your mind holds many materials I need for my story! Now, shall we harvest them all?"- when at the climax of the attack (normal).

"Your mind's value is not worth a penny... but harvesting it will do the world some good!"- when Frea is battling a character with "Simple Charactersim".


  1. This might seen fimiliar to Relius Clover's Astral Finisher.